Grevel Lindop

Poet, biographer, critic, essayist and writer on just about everything

What Can We Do Together?

I’m a professional writer with more than forty years’ experience of writing, editing, teaching and publishing. I’ve judged several major poetry competitions, and appeared many times on TV and Radio. I’m a lively and engaging speaker at conferences and other events. There may well be things that we can do together – or ways I can help you.

If you’re a poet or other kind of writer, either aspiring or professional, you may sometimes need a second opinion on your work, or guidance about how to move ahead. I give individual tutorials, read manuscripts and advise poets about their work: how to improve, how to develop, how to get published. If you think I can help you, please just send me an email. We’ll discuss what we can most usefully do together.

If you’re an editor or broadcaster, you might want to involve me. I’ve done lots of radio work, and am ready to talk about almost any literary or cultural topic (including the Lake District, salsa, travel, and spiritual topics) at a moment’s notice. Check over this website, including the ‘About’ page, and see if you think I’m the right person. I have worked with Eric Robson, Simon Armitage and Sita Williams of Granada TV amongst many others, and have presented on BBC Radio 4.

As a writer, I’ve written for the Guardian, Independent, Economist and many other magazines and can pitch my work at the style and level of any publication. I have a wide range of interests. If you’re an editor and want lively, colourful work with incisive intelligence, whether it’s on literature, travel, spirituality, the enviornment, or almost any cultural topic, I can provide it. Please contact me!