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¡Que Viva Salsa Republic!

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Les mixes the sounds with a little help from Che

Mancuban’s Republic of Salsa provided another amazing night out in Chorlton on Saturday. As this alternate-monthly club night gets better known, more and more people from the friendly Manchester salsa scene are arriving and it’s becoming a huge gathering of friends that gives a warm welcome to newcomers and old amigos/amigas alike.

Typical last night was the fact that there were Cuban-style salsa teachers from all over the country, and along with them a number of people who’d never danced salsa before. That’s how good, and how eclectic, it is.

Stars together: Mohito's Damian, Mancuban's Lorraine

There was the usual fine DJing from Les, Lorraine and Andy (no congas this time, but a notably Afro tinge to the music as the night got later) and Lorraine kicked off the evening with a great warm-up session followed by an enormous rueda that stayed interesting but was straightforward enough for even the beginners to handle it.

Noel takes a break from giving Inverness some Cuban heat

Teachers I spotted included Noel (from Cuba, but currently teaching in Bury and Ramsbottom – check out ), Paris, Pauline, Mike and Jordan from SolarSalsa, as well as Damian (courtesy of Northwich Salsa and bands Mohito and Cafe Con Leche).

Good to see that the movies projected on the back wall have returned (in fact there were two, one behind the DJ deck and another oppsite the bar) though the current projection method isn’t quite doing them justice: to be worthwhile they need to be bigger, and flat (not coming up at an angle so the end product is trapezoid in shape). A few details to be ironed out there, maybe.

But yet again music and atmosphere were second to none. If you’re committed to Cuban, want a workout to the best music going with the friendliest people around, or simply looking for a great night out, this is the one to catch. Next opportunity will be 5 June.

3 comments to “¡Que Viva Salsa Republic!”

  • Noel Hernandez


    Just to let you know ‘Leon’ from Cuba, teaching in Inverness is actually NOEL and he is now teaching in Bury and Ramsbottom. check out for further information.

  • Grevel


    Sorry about the mistake, Noel – don’t know how I managed to get your name backwards! Anyway I have corrected the information and put your web address in there too. Hope all goes well with you!

  • Maxine


    Such an enjoyable evening, tops on the entertainment list. so sorry some of the crew missed it but plenty of new faces that made up for the standard crowd. Austerity so not evident as such a fabulous night so thanks to Les, Lorraine, Irish Club venue really makes it – air conditioning brill wooden floor. Vive Manchester

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