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Epiphany: if you want to think about some big ideas

Sometimes someone contacts you with something so interesting you just have to follow it up. This has just happened to me with Mark Pickles’s Epiphany website, whose details were sent to me by a friend at the Temenos Academy.


Pickles is a polymath, a philosopher, scientist (electronics) a painter (professional) and a bit of a joker (some of the jokes are quite good).

I don’t have a final view of what his work is worth – come to think of it, I don’t have a ‘final’ view of anything, and presumably won’t until just before my death; though I agree that could happen in the next thirty seconds, so let’s get out of these (il)logical knots and go back to the subject.

The point is that I find his website sufficiently interesting to be recommending it to you as worth investigating. If you are interested in the state of the world, in big questions, in religion, politics, the environment, science, the (lamentable) human condition generally, and in where we might go from here, you might be intrigued and might want to follow up, or argue with, some of the big ideas Mark weaves into his argument.

There’s a ‘Manifesto’, followed by a ‘Book’. Both of them are pretty long, and I haven’t yet finished reading the Book. But it all seems interesting enough for me to say ‘Take a look’. You can find Mark Pickles’s Epiphany website here. Give it two minutes. Have a look around and see what you think.

Maybe you’ll curse me, but frankly it’s different from anything else I’ve seen and I am intrigued. You may be too.

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